Hi! I am Drake

…(but not that Drake)

I have loved the arts all my life. Since I was a young dorky looking boy, I knew that I wanted to entertain and educate in some way. Perhaps I'd be a famous stand-up comedian, perhaps an artist, perhaps a best-selling author, but I could never settle into just one path. Now that I am a grown dorky looking man, I have finally settled into the idea that I probably will never settle into any one path.


I love too many different things and I'm always learning new things and starting new projects.


I have been a music teacher, have had a couple humor articles published and won a Writer's Digest competition, performed stand-up comedy, ventriloquism, sketch comedy, group improv, community theater, performed as a street musician at the Colorado Renaissance Festival, made puppets, written songs, make custom caricatures and caricature fan art, pencil sketching, watercolor portraits, an occasional magic trick and juggle. Did I forget anything? Probably. I often do. It's difficult to keep track of of everything, but I'm always getting better at it.

Because I I'm always rotating around my numerous passions, there is tragically not enough time to become a master of any of them. However, in all that I have done and learned, I just may be a master of creativity.

Here, I will share the specific projects that I am working on and the creative process including their conceptualization, skills/techniques to complete the project and what I've learned from it.

Whether you are interested in following one of my projects in particular, like a book I am writing, or interested in the creative process itself, I hope you will follow along and join in the artistic journey.

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