#vvs365 #ally

My life shattered around me. The jagged pieces dug into my flesh as I lay on despair.

A hand reaches out to me.

"I am an #ally of the broken." He says, smiling. "Like you, I was blessed with ruin and freedom. Come."

He has the hands of a potter: soft, gentle, strong.

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This is a flash fiction piece that I submitted to #microfictionchallenge at www.nycmidnight.com/250 The elements I was given are: Horror genre Action of hiding a handwritten letter the word "join" Enj

#vss365 #rookie

"The nice thing about baseball? A rookie mistake can screw up the play, maybe the game. Then its done. In life, one mistake can cost a whole lot more." "Dude, you screwed up making Valentines dinner.

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